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The next generation of online shopping platforms. Konvo is a revolutionary marketplace where merchants can launch a customised eCommerce store in minutes and with no upfront costs.
  • $121,929.10 Invested of $500,000.00 goal
  • 0Days to go
  • 2% - 20%Equity offered
  • $500,000.00 - $5,000,000.00Investment amount
  • $125.00Minimum Investment Parcel

Offer Overview

To put it most simply, Konvo is like a traditional shopping centre but online. However, unlike any existing online marketplace, Konvo has been developed from the ground up to be social - somewhere shoppers can meet their friends online, discuss new and exciting products, discover trends and even shop together. For small business, Konvo is truly revolutionary. Konvo takes the best part of an online marketplace, traffic and shoppers, adds the power of a traditional software solution, branding and customisation, and then seamlessly integrates the inherent influence of a native social engine. And all this for no establishment cost or on-going monthly fees. Konvo is simple, intuitive and it’s revolutionising the biggest growth segment in history.


Why Social Commerce?
Not only have we been influenced by our peers and shopped socially offline for years, but our online shopping habits have seen a recent and significant shift. Our online purchase behaviour was influenced mostly by convenience, choice and price. However recently social proof and validation, or what your friends think, is now one of the single largest influences in the online retail purchase decision. So if social validation is such an important part of the online retail purchase decision where can you natively discover, discuss and shop in the one convenient location? Well you can't. Not natively anyway, until now.

The Emerging eCommerce Problem

Although online retail continues to be one of the fastest growing segments online, getting started and selling goods and services online can be a very confusing, daunting and expensive task. Building an eCommerce business is actually a very sophisticated problem for most merchants. Merchants must spend a substantial amount of time finding a system that suits their needs, learning and managing the complex backend systems and finally market their products without any assistance. In addition, most if not all current marketplaces and SaaS eCommerce solutions require considerable investment at an early stage and further on-going monthly fees for the maintenance of their online retail environment.

The Solution

Konvo changes the landscape and offers all types, sizes and stages of business a better solution for fully enabled eCommerce capabilities. Konvo is a place where merchants can launch a fully autonomous, custom store in minutes for no establishment cost on-going monthly fees and no coding experience and somewhere shoppers can meet friends, discuss new and exciting products, discover general or specific trends with Konvo’s proprietary algorithm TrueTrend™, and of course, shop - even together. Konvo has been developed with multiple robust revenue models at its core and revolutionary features that bypass traditional merchant barriers. Konvo simply charges a small percentage of commission on sales which means it's in Konvo's best interest to help merchants promote and sell more. It’s simple - the more a merchant sells the better for the platform. Konvo is pro-business and a platform determined to help small business succeed.

Key Terms

The Company is offering up to 20,000,000 shares at an issue price of $0.25 per share to raise up to $5,000,000. The minimum individual investment is $125; the maximum for retail investors is $10,000 and there is no limit for wholesale and sophisticated investors. This offer is made under the CSF regime in Part 6D3A of the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act). Investing in early stage businesses is risky. Please consider the General CSF risk warning, and the detailed description of risks associated with this investment in Section 2 of the ORDER CSF offer document.

Fees Disclosure

The fees that Crowdfunding AFSL Pty Ltd charges the Issuer for making this offer include:
A success fee of 7% of funds raised if the offer is successful.
The following parties, being associates of Crowdfunding AFSL Pty Ltd expect to invest directly up to $10,000 under the offer: Chaz Prezident, Christopher Norris, Daniel Bycroft, Peter Smith and Eva Gordon. Otherwise, Crowdfunding AFSL Pty Ltd, and its associates, do not have, or expect to have any direct or indirect pecuniary interest in the issuer or a related party of the issuer. Crowdfunding AFSL Pty Ltd may also receive interest on the balance of any application money held in its client money account.

Nicholas Reid

Nicholas Reid

Director & Co-Founder CO-CEO

Nicholas has over 17 years branding, marketing, advertising, publishing and digital experience. Nicholas spent over 14 years working in Senior Management positions for Australia’s largest multinational advertising agencies including Leo Burnett, Grey, Singleton, Ogilvy and Mather and Clemenger BBDO and has been charged with some of Australia’s key national brands including Telstra, Westfield and Mitsubishi. During this time Nicholas also developed a successful Publishing Group, more specifically content development and content aggregation. Since then he has developed and launched a number of successful businesses and along with his business partner Davide, have continued to build successful start-ups.

Davide De Vincentiis

Davide De Vincentiis

Director & Co-Founder CO-CEO

Born and raised in Italy before making the move to Australia, Davide started his career in the family property and tourism business in Queensland. Finding it increasingly difficult to source effective and local professional marketing services, Davide seized an opportunity to develop and launch an advertising group offering cost-effective branding, design and digital solutions to all sizes of local and national business. With acute business acumen and working alongside his business partner Nicholas of over 8 years, Davide has extensive experience in building business.

Owen Patrick Yong Gee

Owen Patrick Yong Gee


Owen has been a Chartered Accountant for the past 40 years. The initial 10 years were spent gaining valuable experience in the commercial field with exposure to property development, hotel construction and management, tourism and leisure facilities and management of a listed property trust. The remaining period involved the establishment and operation of a chartered accounting practice providing accounting, taxation and business services to a diverse client base. Owen has undertaken the role as a director and company officer for a large number of private companies where he has maintained a direct financial interest. In addition, he has been a director of a Responsible Entity with an AFSL as well as fulfilling the role as a director of several unlisted public companies.

Owen’s current focus is the provision of advice and counselling to a select client group utilising the knowledge developed and experience gained in the commercial and professional arena.

Offer Updates

1 December 2018

Updated Offer Document


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